DIY Erasable Message Mugs

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diy erasable message mugs by riggstown road

So.  It’s been a while.

Life’s been happening.  Mamas, you know how it is.

But I think you’re gonna like this little diy.

It’s for all you white-dish-loving mamas out there.  Like me.

You see…

I have these white coffee mugs that look so cute on my mug tree, (find it HERE) which is so handy at my little coffee station.

When we have people over, everyone can just grab a cup, and fill ‘er up.

I love how clean and bright the white cups look.

Problem is…

diy erasable message mugs by riggstown road

you guessed it.  Can’t tell whose cup is whose.

So here’s the simple solution: SHARPIES!!!

diy erasable message mug by riggstownroad

I let each guest write his or her name on their cup, and at clean-up time, I just remove the name with a swipe of nail polish remover.  Yes, it’s that easy.

Which got me thinking… How fun would it be to put messages on the cups for special days, special occasions, or just special people?

diy erasable message mugs by

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to say I love you,

but then again, who wouldn’t like to see it written on their cup on just any ol’ day?

diy erasable message mug by riggstown road

No need to scramble out to find a birthday mug, if you can just make one for the day.

You can even write a message that’s so specific, you’d never find it in a store.  (Happy 37th Birthday?)

diy erasable message mug

Get creative!

(But maybe don’t use yellow.  It makes Birthday look like birth ay.)

diy erasable message mugs by riggstown road

Oh- and if you don’t have a set of cute white mugs, you can find some HERE.

diy erasable message mug by

I don’t know about you, but I love something that’s so versatile.

And I love being able to switch from classy cups to whimsical ones and back again.

diy erasable message mugs by riggstownroad

And there can never be too many ways to say

i ♥ u.




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