Free Printables and a Thrifty Wall Art DIY

That’s right, mamas.  This post is a two-for-one.

And I’m sooo excited.

Because I love the way it turned out.

Psalm 127 Free Printalbles by Riggstown Road

You know that feeling when you finally complete something that’s been hanging around in your head for months, and it turned out the way you pictured it?  You’re all, Yaaaaay!  Kids, come look!  Or at least, I am. 😉

I’m also excited because I’m getting to offer you two things:



a little DIY tip for a very inexpensive way to jazz up your walls.  (As in… less than $5. )

Months ago, I bought some frames on super clearance from Michael’s, because that’s how I roll.  I loved the look and scale of them, and I knew I wanted them to fill the void on the wall behind the TV.

Psalm 127 Free Printables by Riggstown Road

So I finally got around to creating the artwork for them.  (Because that’s also how I roll.)  I love old type, and I knew that’s the look I wanted.  Putting words in them was also an opportunity to use scripture in my decorating.

Words are powerful, people.  I chose these words as a reminder to myself, my family, and all who enter that no matter the size, style, or beauty of a house, it’s the family’s reliance on The Builder that matters.

Psalm 127 Free Printables by Riggstown Road

We all need reminders, right?

Psalm 127 Free Printables by Riggstown Road

I love how Matthew Henry’s commentary calls Psalm 127 “a family-psalm.”

This scripture sums up so much of what we are trying to do with our lives, and what are trying to teach our children.


If you’d like it on your walls, too, click the free downloads at the bottom of the post.

You can use them as they are, OR YOU CAN MAKE LARGE WALL ART!

  1. For this look, download the files after you click on the links provided.
  2. Save the files to a flash drive (or you can email them…)
  3. Take the flash drive with your files to Staples.
  4. Ask for an enlargement, according to the size of frames you want to use. (Mine are 16 x 20.)
  5. ***Tell them NOT to alter the size of the image, but to KEEP the white space around the words.***
  6. They will give you options on paper and printer type.  I chose Engineering Prints, for less than $5 (total!), but you can get heavier weight if you want to pay more.  For the printer, they used the ink jet and did a color print (even though it’s only black ink) to get better quality, since the the lazer printer would’ve looked faded.
  7. Be prepared to wait until the next day for your prints to be ready, unless you email them and get confirmation on a time they will be ready.  (I prefer to go into the store and talk face-to-face with the technician to be sure I am getting the result I want.)

You will receive them rolled and ready to frame!  (Choosing the lighter weight paper means you will need to be careful not to wrinkle or tear them, and you will need frames with glass and backing.)  You may have to cut the excess paper off around the border, which is marked, to achieve the true size for your frame.  They give you some grace when they print them. 😉

Psalm 127 Free Printables by Riggstown Road

The exact frame that I used from Michael’s is currently out of stock, but I will be adding a direct link to it once I see that they’ve restocked them.  In the meantime,  HERE is a very similar one from Amazon that I love.

To download or print both pages of the verse, use these two links:

EXCEPT THE LORD (free printable)

THEY LABOUR IN VAIN (free printable)

[Be sure to select portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) in your print options, depending on the orientation you want.]

If you need a *reminder* to do this later…

here’s something for your Pinterest board:

Psalm 127 Free Printables by Riggstown Road

Because, we all need reminders, right?  😉

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