The BEST Gluten-Free Pancakes

Berry season is upon us, y’all.

And strawberries are my favorite.

But if there’s one thing that makes strawberries better, it’s a stack of pancakes under them.

I mean, just feast your eyes on this

gluten free pancakes by riggstown road

And if anyone in your family has a problem with gluten, you know how hard it can be to find gluten-free recipes that are as good as your old faithful ones and as easy.

I know.  We’ve been there.  That’s why I can’t keep our pancake recipe a secret any longer.

Why not just use a gluten-free pancake mix?  Because making them from scratch gives you twice as much for your money, and then you can buy more berries.

gluten free pancakes by

We’ve played around with a few recipes and a few products, and like I mentioned in this post, THIS is my go-to baking flour.  You can mix different kinds of flour to get all kinds of results, if you’re into that.  I’m not.  Just give me something simple and flexible.  I keep a big ol’ bag of this 1-to-1 flour on hand for pancakes, cupcakes, and muffins.

gluten free pancakes by

So here it is.  Tried, tweaked, and delicious.  Our recipe for the BEST gluten-free pancakes.

gluten free pancake recipe by


(And be sure to pin some pics from this post, so others can find it!)

*Tip:  Keep a 3-ring binder filled with clear sleeves handy, and put printable recipes like this in the sleeves, along with the ones you jot down on scraps of notebook paper. 😉

gluten free pancakes by

Simple recipes like this are perfect for getting your kids in the kitchen with you.  It’s exciting for them, a little messy for you.  But it’s okay, because they’re not just making pancakes, they’re making memories.  And, before you know it, they’ll be doing the cooking.  Seriously, I didn’t even make the food in this picture.  My kiddos did.  So worth it. 🙂

Speaking of these pictures, I have to tell you, I am loving my new camera.  (Christmas present from the man who loves me. ♥)  It takes gorgeous pictures, even on auto-mode.  I am not a photographer, but this camera makes me look like I am, with just a few twists of the dial.  I mean, scroll up to the first picture.  Zero editing done on that pic.  You can even see the butter starting to congeal.  (Truth: I was actually about to eat a couple of these and decided to snap pics first because they looked so pretty.  Thus, the butter and less-than-professional blueberry stains.)  If you’re in the market for a camera, I highly recommend this one.  Find it HERE.

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gluten free pancakes by

So, there ya go.  Perfectly easy and delicious, picture-perfect, gluten free pancakes.

Now…bring on the berries!

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