Dear (full-time) Mamas: 10 things you need to hear

Writing is a lot like standing on a stage in your birthday suit.

You open up a very personal part of yourself for ridicule, and as your hand hovers over the publish button, you have to decide if it’s worth it.

As a writer, you want to please everyone, but that’s not possible.  So you write for the ones who need to hear your message.

This post has been on my heart for quite a while now, and I’m finally getting around to sharing it.  It really sums up a lot of the reason behind this blog.  You are the reason behind this blog.  So…

This one’s for you, full-time mamas.  Everyone else, don’t look. 😉


letter to full time moms by

Dear Mamas,

We live in a society that has lost regard for your career.  Most people don’t realize it is one.  You get asked if you “work.”  (24/7, thank you very much.)  You get asked if you’re “using your degree.”  (Yes, and I feel like I’ve earned 17 more because I’m learning every day.)  But that’s not why you’re doing this job full-time, is it?  Not for recognition, not for promotion, and not, ahem, for money. (I hear those amens.)  You’re doing it because in your gut, you know it’s a good thing.  It matters.  It’s a good way to spend your days.  Because that’s what you’re doing.  You’re spending.  You’re spending time that you can never get back.  You’re investing it.  In them.  And if nobody else ever tells you this, let me tell you, they are worth it.

If you have made the decision to spend your weekdays at home with the kiddos, there are some things you need to hear.

10 things a full time mama needs to hear by RiggstownRoad

Here are some of them…

1. You are not wasting your talent.  You are just redirecting it.

2. Your salary (or lack thereof) does not determine your worth.

3. You are not “crazy.”

4. You do have a real job.

5. There is nothing more important you could be doing.

6.  What you do matters.

7. Life is made of moments. (Enjoy the best, learn from the rest.)

8. Every day is not a good day, but that’s okay.

9. You are doing something that no one else can do, because you’re you.

10. They’re worth it.  So worth it.

10 things a full time mama needs to hear by

You are doing a good thing, mama.  Actually, a great thing. You have an amazing career.

10 things a full time mama needs to hear by RiggstownRoad

You just need to remember that it is one.

Share this letter with a mama who needs to be reminded.  You might just make her day.

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