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Do you love words as much as I do?

I am such a word-nerd.

Free Hand-Lettered Printable!

I’m awed by how much meaning can be conveyed in one little word or phrase. Whether it’s scripture, a line from a favorite hymn, an age-old quote, or your favorite phrase, just hang some words on your wall and you have meaningful art. 😉

(Read about easy, meaningful, one-of-a-kind art in this contributor post.)

Free Hand-Lettered Printable!

Last week, I shared my heart for the job we do as full-time mamas.  It is a joy and a privilege.  But it’s also easy to get discouraged in the day-to-day.  Sometimes, you need a little reminder.

Free hand-lettered Printable!

So, I have one for you…

Three little words to remind you that you have the


This handwritten note is a free printable from me to you.  Clip it, frame it, or stick it on your fridge for a daily does of encouragement.  Put is somewhere you will see it whenever you need it most.

Free hand-lettered Printable!


Maybe right next to your chocolate stash…


Free hand-lettered Printable!

To get the print, click HERE.

(If image prints with a border, simply trim if off.)

Be sure to pin one of the images to share this post with all your mama-friends.

They need a word of encouragement, too.

And chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.

Free Hand-Lettered Printable!

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