Amazon Bookcase Hack

Stuff happens.
And you need a place to put it all.
One thing that will help you keep your sanity, mamas, is to have a place for everything. Train your children to know that place, so that as they grow, they can put their own things away.
I searched a few thrift and antique stores, looking for the perfect storage piece, but the school year was well on its way, I had not found the right thing, and I wasn’t feeling quite organized.

bookcase hack by riggstown road
Pressed wood to the rescue!

I found this piece online.   I liked the look of it, and loved the cubby shelves.  When my husband was assembling it, he was inspired to replace the flimsy back with a sheet of metal.  He also added metal labels in place of paper ones.

amazon bookcase hack by riggstownroad

Yes, he is brilliant.

I wanted to share it with you, because, even when you can’t find the “perfect” thing, don’t have the time (or know-how) to build a custom piece, or don’t have a huge budget, you can take what you do have and make it better.

We now have this cute, one-of-a-kind bookcase for our day to day homeschool stuff.

Now, I would love to just put cuteness on those shelves…

and have them perfectly styled at all times…

with some of my favorite vintage books…

amazon bookcase hack by riggstownroad

and the faux greenery I am so good at growing.  🙂

But, real life requires me to put these shelves to better use.

and that’s OK.

amazon bookcase hack by riggstown road

Real life is good.

My real life kids loved adding their names to *their* shelves.

amazon bookcase hack by riggstown road

And I love being organized.  Leaves me time to focus on…

amazon bookcase hack by riggstownroad

you know,

all that other stuff.

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