Jazzing up January with New Books

We got new school books the other day.

Please excuse the lonely little cotton stem; he needs friends.

Yep.  In January.

Adds a little excitement to the drab days of winter.  I mean, who doesn’t need a little sparkle amidst the gray?

We’re conditioned to think that our students must begin a new textbook in September and be finished with it by May.  And sometimes it works out that way…

sometimes, it doesn’t.

The reality is, a child might speed through a book because they love it and be ready for the next level.  Right now.  Why wait 6 or 8 months til “next year” when they can go ahead and start the next one now?  Let ’em soar!  Or they may move more slowly through a book and need more time to finish it. It’s okaaay.

Packages in the mail are always fun…
even if it’s a box of school books.
Or, if you’re me, especially if it’s a box of school books.

(Although a box of wood, paint, and other diy supplies would be exciting, too.)
So, if you’re looking for a way to jazz up January, and inject some energy into the lazy days of winter, consider starting a brand new book, even if you haven’t finished the ones you have.
It’s the perfect time to start a new elective, or a just for fun study, or any kind of enrichment.
Students are excited when they get to choose some of their curriculum.  Some more than others, it is true. 😉
The possibilities are endless.
If you’re short on ideas, go to a curriculum website, and just browse…
(Here’s one I lovechristianbook.com)
…or ask your students what they would like to learn more about.
Sometimes I hand my children a catalog and tell them to circle all the things that interest them.
It’s fun for them, and helpful for me.
Need ideas?
Have a curriculum question that you’d like to ask?
Leave it in the comment section, and I will do my best to answer.  🙂
In the meantime, happy reading!  (January is the perfect time to do it!)


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