I Heart Snow

Where we live, we get to experience all the seasons–sometimes in the same week!
Winter here is very fickle.
We get springlike days, and cold, rainy miserable days, and sometimes…
we get snow.
But not too often.
So we try to thoroughly enjoy it while it’s here.


We have a snow day.
And what I like about snow days
is that everybody gets to be a kid for a day.
Which means…
no schoolwork,
boogie-board sleds, snowball fights, snow cream,
throwing snow at the exact moment the picture is snapped,
which just happens to form a heart.
I heart that.
That’s childhood.
Happy, messy, innovative, spontaneous childhood.
And everybody gets to be a kid on snow days.
Moms included.
Even if it’s from the warmth of the window. 🙂
P.S.  If you live somewhere where every day is a snow day, and snow only makes you think of shoveling and frozen cars and such, please don’t hate me. 😉  See PS #2.
P.S #2 Now that we have had snow, we are officially ready for spring.


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