DIY Antique Gold Frame



What I love about thrift-store shopping, is that you can take something old and make it look…


diy antique gold frame by riggstown road


older. 😉

I love the character and charm of antiques.  True antiques can be quite pricey, but with a little creativity, you can get the same effect for cheap.  I think I originally paid 2 or 3 dollars for this frame at Goodwill.  It was a yellowish color, but I loved the shape of it.  And it was thick and sturdy.  While I was giving my farmhouse table an aged look, (click HERE for that post) inspiration struck and I got the idea to do the same thing to this frame.

diy abtique gold frame by Riggstown Road

I took it apart and sprayed it with gold metallic spray paint, and let it dry.

diy antique gold frame by Riggstown Road

Then, with a soft cloth, I rubbed Valspar antiquing glaze into the cracks and crevices, wiping off the excess with another (slightly damp) cloth.

diy antique gold frame by Riggstown Road

When I was happy with the look, I let it dry, and

diy gold antique frame by riggstown road

voila!  Instant aging.  I am LOVING it.

diy antique gold frame by Riggstown Road

In fact, I’m going to add a little character to a few other things around the house.

Wonder if we can make that the new word for wrinkles?  Character.  I like it.  How ’bout you?   😉

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